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An ardent seeker from a young age, a world traveler, an artist, and passionate about exploring tools of transformative self-growth through yoga and meditation. My curiosity has driven me to a career of science and engineering that fueled my passion for cancer research and development. I pursued my dreams through graduate studies at University of Pennsylvania, where I obtained my Master’s in Biotechnology. Currently reaching 10 years of career in Biopharma Industry. I also volunteer with Isha Foundation, an international non-profit organization. In 2018 I completed 1800 hours of intense training to teach Classical Hatha Yoga and working with Isha Foundation for offering program for human wellbeing. I feel truly grateful for growing on this path along my sister, Manasi, as we share parallel paths of scientific careers and yogic journey, to be motivation and inspiration for one another to seek and grow in all areas of life and share these tools of transformation with one and all around the globe. It’s an astounding approach to overcoming hardest challenges in one’s life and make a tremendous impact on the way one goes through this journey.


Aastha Puri

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